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A son’s laundry

Despite how wonderful a son is, despite how responsible he may be, despite how clean and orderly he tries to be, sometimes a mother must enter his closet and remove all his clothing and wash it herself. Even though this wonderful son has been doing his own laundry for a few years now, sometimes a mother must take over. Even a most responsible son will at times get distracted, feel overwhelmed with other things, and the laundry piles up. And with each day, the laundry becomes intimidating. The son probably thinks, “It will take me ALL day to do this laundry. It will be impossible to sort ALL those socks.” And even the most orderly and cleanest son will be tempted to put on dirty clothes because he has no clean ones left.¬† And a mother knows this – especially on a special day when she sees her wonderful son come out wearing a wrinkled t-shirt and gym shorts that look like the same ones he wore the day before.

That is when the mother knows that she must take over the laundry that has grown too much for the son. And the son will be shocked and grateful that his dear mother spent a good portion of her day doing his laundry. The mother knows this, because she knows that the laundry¬† has been in the back of her son’s mind for some days, nagging and mocking him and he has been dreading it.

Ah, yes, all will be well and life can start anew because all the laundry is clean.


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