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Since Cassie is down at the state capitol learning all about our government and Daniel has a three home inspection day, Alex and I decided to have a bit of fun as well as a challenge.  We hopped on our bikes and rode two miles to the Swamp Rabbit Trail and then to Traveler’s Rest. It’s hard for a mother to find interesting things to do with an almost teenage son. You can’t just go shopping or paint your nails or go get dessert and talk. Well, the dessert idea may work out okay. But generally it needs to be active – and sometimes that’s hard to do for a mom.

srt 1

I love the Swamp Rabbit Trail!  We saw so many bikers, runners, walkers and some people that looked like they just wandered onto the trail accidentally. And it’s beautiful! Lovely dogwoods, wisteria, and lots of green. I love spring. I have missed green.

srt 2Alex rode circles around me. I would rather run up a hill than bike up a hill, but Alex can do both and not break a sweat.

srt 3I begged to take a break when we got to Furman. We had been riding for about an hour, and I knew that I had just made a huge mistake. My body ached and my legs were burning, but TR isn’t much further and I didn’t want to disappoint that kid of mine.

srt 4We took a bit more of a break and admired the beautiful campus of Furman University.

srt 5srt 6

We stopped to watch the ducks and this other creature, a beaver, maybe.

srt 7We finally made it to Traveler’s Rest and stopped in here to refuel.

srt 9This is me, so happy to be sitting on something other than a bicycle seat! Can you see the pain in my face and the relief?

srt 8Alex – he didn’t really need a rest. No, that kid doesn’t tire. Just don’t let him run out of water and he’s good to go. And go we must.

srt 12

But first we bought a couple of shirts because we felt we deserved them. Okay, I felt like I deserved one.

srt 10srt 11

Thank you, Swamp Rabbit, for letting us ride your trail. It was lovely and great fun.









But now I know that I should never think I can hop on a bike and ride 22 miles in one day when I haven’t been on a bike in forever. I just hope I can walk tomorrow and sit down. 🙂


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