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house porchI love B&Bs!  This is the Inn on York Street in Chester, SC where Daniel and I went for a little get-away. It’s a small, quiet town where you can go to do absolutely NOTHING! And that is just what we needed. 🙂 I loved the quiet and peacefulness and just being with my man alone. We are coming up on our 19th wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe that it has really been that long.

house broomOur room. Comfy bed and large bathroom.

house front yardThe view from the front porch. Our host and hostess, Mark and Sandy, were a lovely English couple. I wish we could have gotten to know them a bit more. They gave us hugs when we left. Sweet people!

house rabbitWild rabbits nibbled the grass in the yard. Lots of birds and squirrels peppered the yard as well. And the honey suckle was intoxicating.

peace boatWe did take a boat out on the lake at the state park. No, not a canoe or kayak as we would have preferred, but a nice fishing boat.

peace Daniel boatDaniel thought we would go faster if he stood up and paddled. And we did, but it was a funny way to navigate a fishing boat.

peace trailAfter our short boating trip across the lake, we decided to hike around the lake. Quiet and peaceful – until I saw a snake on the trail. I screamed, grabbed Daniel’s arm and frightened him. Daniel doesn’t expect his country wife to scream over a black snake. The poor snake quickly slithered away.

peace DanielA tree you can see through. Hello, Daniel.

peace flowers   peace daisy

Pretty flowers along the trail.

peace KarenWatching my husband meandering in a snake infested area so he could see the creature that was croaking so loud.

house coolhouse cool metal tower









A cool house with a metal roof and turret along our route.


peaceDaniel and I had a lovely time together. It’s hard to convey the delights of a peaceful, beautiful time, but it was truly a delightful time with my husband of 19 years (almost). 🙂


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