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Why I run…

Sometimes I have to remember why I run. Many times I wake up and running is the last thing I want to do. Sometimes I even think to myself that I hate running! But, I really do love running. It’s just that first step that is SO hard. Well, sometimes it’s the first steps within the first 10 minutes that are the hardest. So to remind myself of why I run and to get myself vertical in the mornings, here is a list of my running perks that are unrelated to health.

1. I get to eat more pastries. I have a huge weakness for pastries. I LOVE them! So, when I am inclined to not run, I tell myself that I can have pastries if I do. Rewards are not just for kids. I need incentives too. I do try to limit this to the most desperate times when the other points listed below don’t work. But this one is my favorite. 🙂


2. Races! I love races. I’m not competitive and don’t expect to win, but I love the energy and the camaraderie that you find at races. And when I am signed up for a race, I run more. Saturday I’m running a 10K. Woo Hoo!


3. Strength. Being strong and having muscles has never been a goal before I started running, but it is rather thrilling. I love to conquer a hill that I once could only walk up. I love when my husband massages my legs and says, “These are not the same legs that I married.”


4. Fun running clothes – bright colors, shirts with silly sayings, and mismatched shorts and shirts.

running shirt

5. Time alone. I do love running alone SO much. I get to think or not think – just running and listening to music. There is one exception to this and that is when my son asks to run with me. I always say yes. How can I say no to a kid who wants to run with his slow moving mom? And he usually makes me laugh. It’s always a good run when he comes with me.

5K alex



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